Akron/Family – S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT

Since its genesis in 2002, Brooklyn-based collective Akron/Family has been lumped into the freak folk genre – essentially just another ambiguous tag used to categorize those with a jones for suffusing acoustic music with a touch of psychedelia and the avant-garde.  By melding these two disparate tastes with a calculated desire to be evasive, … [Read more...]

The Tallest Man on Earth – The Wild Hunt

Part of the charm that made The Tallest Man on Earth’s Kristian Matsson’s music so special was his peculiar vocal timbre. Whilst resembling Bob Dylan’s crooning slyness, it was Matsson’s skillful guitar and banjo playing that would leave a lasting impression. Whether he was weaving in and out of acoustic lightness that called for placid strumming … [Read more...]

Citay – Dream Get Together

Dream Get Together catches rock on its pivot foot. On this new LP, Citay finds the turn between 1960's psychedelics and 1970's guitar rock, a point at which emphasis falls not only on the music, but on the sound of the music. Approach Citay with an understanding that this is about the jam and the journey and you'll be just fine. What Citay … [Read more...]

John Vanderslice – Romanian Names

Besides the fact that he likes to produce and record his music in his own studio, John Vanderslice has made a name for himself by creating smart, catchy, pop melodies. The acclaim that followed his 2007 album, Emerald City, was a well-deserved hurrah and one that brought Vanderslice to the front of the indie scene. His talents lie in his artistic … [Read more...]