Dag Nasty – Dag With Shawn

Way back in 1985 (with their way having already been paved by such D.C. punk/hardcore luminaries as S.O.A., Bad Brains, Government Issue, Teen Idles, et al.), after only a few months of playing live, a young band called Dag Nasty entered the studio to lay down 9 blistering, emotionally charged, powerful tracks that have since become legendary. I'm … [Read more...]

We Were Pirates – “Nervous”

Washington, D.C. native Mike Boggs makes music everyone can enjoy. And he does it all by himself. Wielding nothing more than a computer and a few microphones, Boggs, under the moniker We Were Pirates, constructs perfect pop gems, songs that blend together real instruments with blankets of electronic noise. And did I mention that he plays … [Read more...]

Dashboard Confessional- “Even Now”

And they’re back again, “Hands Down,” and still “Screaming Infidelities”. Dashboard Confessional came out with their new album, Alter The Ending, on November 11. The album as a whole is really deep and heartfelt, as DC always has been. Original fans will be proud, and new ones should definitely take a listen to DC’s previous albums. The acoustic … [Read more...]

Roofwalkers – “Cut Every Corner” b/w “Broken Sticks”

For some reason I always assume recently released 7" records only contain in your face, gritty rock n' roll. I'm not sure where this expectation developed, but I still end find myself at least mildly surprised when I slip a slab of vinyl on the player and hear anything but loud. Such is the case with the new Roofwalkers 7” on Taps and Dies Records. … [Read more...]