An Amalgamated Albums A-Z of 2017 (From Binker And Moses to Roger Waters)

As we approach another year’s end reflecting on what wares touched us the most on the aural plane, it's clear once more that there have just been too many things released to boil it all down here into a fully comprehensive, easily portable or competitive clickbait compendium. Instead, below is an independently-selected clutch of albums and one … [Read more...]

Ellis Island Sound – Divisions

Having made us wait the best part of seven years between 2007’s The Good Seed and 2014’s Regions, it’s somewhat remarkable - but entirely welcome - that another Ellis Island Sound release should reach us so soon in the form of this seven-track mini-album.  Although featuring material chiselled during the same sessions as the well-carved Regions … [Read more...]

Silver Servants – self-titled

The collection of artists that have made up the Second Language roster since the label’s inception in 2009 have never shied away from collaboration or exploring shared ideas, whether it be through a myriad of themed compilations or via the direct intermingling of musicians across separate albums.  This new - but long-in-the-works - project takes … [Read more...]

30km Inland – Stolen Shore Lines

Whilst this Anglo-Spanish enterprise has snuck out a clutch of compilation tracks over the last few years, this is the first full-length outing for the hard-to-file-alphabetically 30km Inland.  Cut by the combined skills of lead arranger/multi-instrumentalist Xavier Martí (Mudo, Continental Film Night), multi-instrumentalist/mixer David Sheppard … [Read more...]

Artists-On-Albums: AOA#8 (David Sheppard on Liberation Music Orchestra)

David Sheppard (Ellis Island Sound, State River Widening, Phelan Sheppard) on… Charlie Haden’s Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse!, 1969) I first heard this album in a front room in Vauxhall, a little over a decade ago (thank you, Patrick).  I can still remember the warm, exciting and instantly familiar feeling it gave me. It has provoked … [Read more...]