Interview with Simon Bonney of Crime & The City Solution

The nomadic Crime & The City Solution previously dissolved in the wake of 1990’s career pinnacle Paradise Discotheque and a sublime contribution to Wim Wenders’ Until The End Of The World film score in 1991. It's doubtful that even close followers expected a resurrection for the band that had been conceived in late-‘70s Sydney and Melbourne, … [Read more...]

Crime & The City Solution – American Twilight

The artistic ethics debate about bands reforming long after their demise is one that will rage on for forever and a day (long after the likes of Oasis have eventually done umpteenth reunion tours to fleece creaky Britpop fans with Northern Uproar as a support act).  It seems that even with past members slipping off this mortal coil not many bands … [Read more...]

FAO#30: 16 Horsepower, The Raincoats & Teenage Fanclub

With seemingly as many new records hitting music store shelves as reissue or retrospective produce in recent times, keeping up with both streams of relentless output can be pretty damn exhausting for completionist connoisseurs with diverse tastes.  There’s simply no breather from it all anymore, particularly in this year’s post-summer release … [Read more...]