The Saddest Landscape – You will Not Survive

Whether you are slowly making your way through Thomas Pynchon’s convoluted opus, Gravity’s Rainbow or you are marveling at Salvador Dali’s Freudian mindscape, The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory the universal goal behind these two works is singular and it is this; art should always challenge its audience to step outside the comfort zone … [Read more...]

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Buried Behind the Barn EP

Slim Cessna's Auto Club's 2008 release Cipher was one of my favorites of that year. I still don't quite know how to describe the Denver band but words like Southern gothic, primal folk, old timey gospel, and Americana noir come to mind. The band's twangy songs are full of the stuff of legend - brawlers and drunkards, places with strange histories … [Read more...]

Agent Side Grinder – Irish Recording Tape

Sweden's Agent Side Grinder channels early electronic music but gives it a homemade feel. It's not apparent whether the "homemade" part of the songs is intentional, and it may be that it's the drum machine that contributes most to the bedroom aura. Whatever the case, Irish Recording Tape sounds like the kind of electronic experimentalism that was … [Read more...]

Envenomist – The Helix

David Reed, the guy with the artistic handle Envenomist, is probably a really weird dude. That’s not a bad thing though. He’s probably weird in the awesome sense, like the one time I showed up to a house show an hour early and the dude that lived there was sitting in his living room, not too terribly surprised by my arrival, listening to a … [Read more...]

Moodring – Scare of Ferret

Primitive and dark, Moodring's Scared of Ferret occupies a world of slow motion. The songs unfold gradually with slight touches of exoticism. They're largely instrumental but do feature passages of far-off female vocals, more spoken than sung. The overall effect can be otherworldly. Begun as a more experimental-sounding duo, Moodring has become … [Read more...]