I Am the Dot – Minimal Love EP

More of a single than a proper extended player, I Am the Dot’s latest release – which just eclipses the twelve minute mark with its three tracks – is the latest in a series of transient yet prolific recordings from Denver’s Zach Tipton. The Young Coyotes member has been releasing small batches of new material at a practically monthly rhythm as of … [Read more...]

Librarians – Present Passed

Present Passed is the sophomore album form the West Virginia quartet Librarians and follows their full-length debut Alright Easy Candy Stranger. The album is synth- saturated and full of odd sounds making it a dreadfully colorless listen; it’s an album that has no direction and sounds exceedingly artificial. “Candy Season” is the only highlight … [Read more...]

Mass Solo Revolt – Bend in Time

Mass Solo Revolt pull together quite a few influences in an attempt to harness their sound. At times, they can be endearing and raw, and other times they can be skittish and forgettable. As much as you might find to bounce around to in your car, you're just as likely to find something that will leave you cold. The band uses a liberal brand of … [Read more...]

Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights – Movie Theatre Haiku

Movie Theatre Haiku marks Chris Robley & The Fear of Heights' third album, another book in their series of heartbreak and mystery.  These new chapters follow characters through journeys into darkness with the optimism shrinking and the anxiety level rising, as their lense on the world becomes narrower as time progresses.  Like a mime slowly … [Read more...]