Little Boots – Nocturnes

While Nocturnes doesn’t have the immediate impact or supremely sticky quality of Little Boots’, AKA Victoria Hesketh's, high-caliber dance-pop debut, Hands, it does display a slow-growing (Or is that glowing?) charm that rings true to the album’s muted title.  After the excitement of the glossy, cosmopolitan Hands, it was expected, or at least … [Read more...]

Interview with Madison

Hey there, Madison!  It sure is a treat to touch base with you about your latest EP, the catchy-as-all-get-out We’ve Been Nothing, which came out in early February.  It’s the 2nd of a run of 4 EPs that you’re releasing.  What’s the vibe like for you now and when are the 3rd and 4th EPs due?  For EP #3 the vibe is very happy, very FUN FUN FUN, … [Read more...]

Sarah Cracknell – Lipslide reissue

This past autumn saw the re-release of Saint Etienne chanteuse Sarah Cracknell’s 1997 solo album Lipslide in a 2-disc format.  The first CD contains the remastered (and reordered) tracks from the original album, while the second CD adds on various demos and previously unreleased material.  Sarah’s solo work is very much in line with Saint Etienne’s … [Read more...]

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

While it might seem futile, there’s still a lot to say for artists that continue to relish in the diversity of music. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’ Orlando Higginbottom was first noticed with his strong remixes for other electronic artists, like The 2 Bears and pop artists like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. And while collaborating with a lot of … [Read more...]

New Music Spotlight #3

Dangerous Muse – Red EP Electronic synth-pop artist Mike Furey, AKA Dangerous Muse, has been on the scene for a while, breaking through with MTV-approved “The Rejection” in 2006 and with an enticing video for “I Want It All” in 2009 (  Mike has released a string of singles and EPs, with 2 more EPs on … [Read more...]

Hot Chip – In Our Heads

There comes a time where music is able to portray everything through pure driving sound; unforced and undivided, its attention spans images and more by way of fusing styles and methods. The right kind of blend is always when the sounds: finely layered and lushly ornate, combine with the story: delicately quirky and unabashedly heartfelt, for a … [Read more...]

NHK’ Koyxen – Dance Classics Vol. 1

Osaka, Japan-born producer and techno fiend, Kouhei Matsunaga, purely expresses his desire for pushing musical and sound boundaries on his album, Dance Classics Vol. 1. Without word or written verse Matsunaga, (or his preferred musical stage name, NHK or NHK’ Koyxen) analyzes and experiments with electronic programming and challenges himself with … [Read more...]

Zomby – Dedication

Its been almost three years since Zomby released his debut album Where Were You in '92, a rave album paying homage to early 90's dance culture.  With antiquated gear such as the Akai S2000 and Atari ST, he impressed critics with his production skills as well as his enthusiastic authenticity. Most Americans may not know or care but its an … [Read more...]


Yes, the name looks absurd. That’s because this is a soundtrack to the theatre of the absurd.  The calculated cacophony of Oakland songstress and producer Merill Garbus is some of the most oddly attractive yet puzzling music I’ve heard recently.  No wave / post-punk / indie / dance pop that Laurie Anderson and the ghost of John Cage would … [Read more...]

Teddy Presberg – Outcries from a Sea of Red

People who like their improvisatory music a little edgier than Spyro Gyra and a tad less avant-garde than Mededski, Martin, & Wood are bound to find contentment in the psychedelic jazz of St. Louis guitarist Teddy Presberg.  Though his six-string technique has all the underpinnings of vintage soul and blues music, Presberg is not the slightest … [Read more...]