Reason Stendec – Impulsion EP

Whilst his main latter-day musical ensemble - the analogue-electronica evangelising Metamono - appears to be on hiatus, Jono Podmore (also of Kumo and Cyclopean) still has a few newer projects on the boil to keep himself from being idle.  Alongside campaigning to publish a biography-meets-drumming-theory-manual to honour the late great Can drummer … [Read more...]

Metamono – Creative Listening

Having upheld their uncompromising all-analogue manifesto so unwaveringly through every last whirring and squelching sound on 2013’s dizzying debut double-LP, With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics, it’s perhaps no wonder that it’s taken Metamono a while to cut a follow-up. Yet rather than return with more of the same, only louder and faster, Jono … [Read more...]

Irmin Schmidt – Villa Wunderbar (compilation)

With the Can archives now mined to within a tape canister’s width of the earth’s core thanks to last year’s The Lost Tapes and the newly-released vinyl boxset, time has come for some Can heads to start exploring individual band members’ solo and extracurricular works.  It probably makes sense then to start with keyboardist Irmin Schmidt’s wares … [Read more...]

Metamono – With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics

After a string of cassette, 10” and 7” releases put over the last few years from the London-based analogue electronica and manifesto-clutching trio, here finally comes Metamono's debut studio album.  Not content to make a tentative statement, With The Compliments Of Nuclear Physics is an engorging 17-track double-LP that opts to deeply explore the … [Read more...]

Metamono – Warszawa b/w Shafty 7″

Not content with justifiably basking in the glory of compiling last year’s brilliant Can boxset and debuting new material with Cyclopean (alongside Burnt Friedman, Irmin Schimdt and Jaki Liebezeit) in the space of the last year, Jono Podmore returns again already with his retro-futuristic analogue electronica operation Metamono.  Together with … [Read more...]

Artists On Albums: AOA#32 (Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore on The Voice Of America)

Cyclopean’s Jono Podmore on… Cabaret Voltaire’s The Voice Of America (Rough Trade Records, 1980) This is not a pretty record. Released in 1980 it generally gets regarded as ‘post-punk industrial’ – for good reason too.  Recorded at the band’s own studio, Western Works, housed in a disused Victorian industrial building in a forgotten … [Read more...]