The Inevitable Backlash cover The All American Rejects

After 2009’s My Two Brookes and a cross-country tour to Maine and back where The Inevitable Backlash got robbed in New York, stayed with nudists in Brooklyn, and drove through a tornado in Texas what else were the most DIY indie band from the West Coast going to do when they got home? Record a noise-infused-guitarfucking cover of Top 40 stalwarts … [Read more...]

Sufjan Stevens/Osso – Run Rabbit Run

2001's Enjoy Your Rabbit was Sufjan Stevens’ answer to his folksy debut, A Sun Came. Where the latter was a timely entrance, the former was a shocking turn of events. Everything from the glitchy electronics to the Chinese-influenced artwork conveyed a strikingly different sound. Regardless, it ended up finding its way into many people’s hearts as a … [Read more...]

Download new Wilco cover

Remember those great albums Wilco made with Billy Bragg that put music to the lyrics of Woody Guthrie? Well, now you can download a new cover by the band here. It's a free song and if you want to donate, to support the Woody Guthrie Foundation, you sure can. Jeff Tweedy and co. ready the release of the band's new album, Wilco (The Album), out … [Read more...]