Phil Lomac – “Don’t Know What Love Is”

Veteran Phil Lomac has been an essential part of several bands over the years and is equally at home in the reflective singer-songwriter mold and the dynamic rock ‘n’ roller.  Stints in bands like The Brown Root Seed Company, Ron Neill & the Eleventh Hour, and showcased his lead guitar and vocal prowess. He eventually started on the solo … [Read more...]

Afterlife Revival – “Rich In Love”

Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter Evan B. Harris records under the music project moniker Afterlife Revival and like the second part of the name implies, the richness of the Americana and country genres runs through Harris’ veins. Harris is not only a musician, but an artisan as well who creates original illustrations and paintings.  … [Read more...]

Interview with Wonky Tonk

Hello Wonky Tonk!  Wow, I love your wild moniker and you’re self-proclaimed 'punk cowgirl' spirit and image, but I don’t know if I should be addressing you as Wonky Tonk or your given name Jasmine Poole.  You have a fresh single out titled “Bulleit” which is actually a slower-paced, more introspective number for you – and it’s not off of your debut … [Read more...]

Short Takes (Pale Dian, Kylie Odetta, Wonky Tonk, & Luna Jamboree)

Pale Dian – “In A Day” …And Cocteau Twins is back!... Well, no, not really, but if you’re jonesing for a fix of that legendary band, check out Pale Dian, previously known as the Blackstone Rangers.  The dark pop shoegaze (or dream-pop noir, perhaps?) trio (Hey, more Cocteau Twins parallels!  Heck, they even look like early incarnations of Liz … [Read more...]

Afghan Whigs – Do to the Beast

Your attention please: I just bought tickets to The Afghan Whigs -  in 2014. These tickets, however, are considerably more expensive than door prices would have been at Sudsy’s - the bar and laundrette that hosted local legendary line-ups, and most probably the place where many of us first saw the whigs - their affectionate abbreviation at that … [Read more...]

Shawn Waters – Bury Heart

Brooklyn based singer-songwriter Shawn Waters preaches in earnest and sings of love, sin and God on this eight song debut. His voice blends Nick Drake’s tenderness with the rough edge of Johnny Cash. He also acknowledges the influence of Tom Waits, Michael Kiwanuka, and Justin Townes Earle and you can add to the list just about anyone else who’s … [Read more...]

Jackson Emmer – The Jackson Emmer Songbook

Pensive guys with acoustic guitars and a flair for mystery have faired well in popular music over the years – just look at the singer/songwriter legacies left behind by luminaries like Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, and Ray LaMontagne.  Jackson Emmer may at first present like one of these tortured souls, churning out deeply wounded biographical stories … [Read more...]

Ladies Auxiliary – My Side of the Mountain

Anyone even partially invested in the emo boom at the turn of the century is likely to recall onelinedrawing, the given handle for scene godfather Jonah Matranga’s acoustic rock solo project.  Armed with a 6-string, a decade’s worth of intensely personal songs and some programmed drum loops, Matranga’s output under the onelinedrawing alias was … [Read more...]

William Elliott Whitmore – Field Songs

"Some good it bad, some got it worse. Some just can't let go no matter how it hurts. But no one, no one can say, that we didn't do it the hard way." William Elliott Whitmore's fifth release may be a "stark representation of rural life" (according to his own website), but these themes run through people's lives everywhere. Yes, for the most part … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 2 Albums and 1 EP

Low Sea - The Light EP Lefse Records On this 6-song EP, Bobby D and Billie of Ireland-based Low Sea stir up a strange, but intoxicating brew of atmospheric dreamscapes and cool-tone vocals that bring a chill to the air.  They mix a pinch of hazy shoegazer, a heaping helping of goth and industrial, and a sprinkle of New Wave pop, topping it … [Read more...]