Nathan Lee – Risk Everything

There isn't much anyone could tell Nathan Lee about either life or living it.  A writer and performer since his teens, his resumé is an ongoing tale of highs and lows, from lucrative publishing deals and business success to sleeping in his car, and back up and down again. "I sing to broken people because I am one" quotes his press release, while … [Read more...]

Wye Oak – The Knot

When critics say stuff like, "A decent debut, maybe the next one will be better," some of us actually mean it. The strength at which Wye Oak revels in was somewhat hidden on its previous album, If Children. Lost in most of the noise and clutter was Jenn Wasner's fantastic voice and Andy Stack's ability as a "wall of sound" creator. On their new … [Read more...]

Hymns – Appaloosa EP

A trend that began with the dawn of rock and roll many decades ago, bands would often go on to become synonymous with the city that gave rise to their fame. Is it possible to listen to the metal sleaze of Guns N’ Roses without visualizing the drug-addled blocks of Sunset Boulevard in the 1980’s or the damaged art rock of the Velvet Underground … [Read more...]

Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day

Indubitably, Deer Tick's first album, War Elephant, was a promising and solid start for the band. The biggest complaint was a silly one, being John McCauley's gin-soaked, distinct voice. It's silly because singers need to have at least something unique and identifiable to them and in many ways, his singing was an homage to the singer-songwriter he … [Read more...]

The Handsome Family – Honey Moon

Having a successful marriage has to be one of the most rewarding joys we can share in life. Now, when you're able to fulfill your craft through this partnership is surely another delight all on its own. Throughout their existence as a band, Brett and Rennie Sparks have made The Handsome Family a very lovable and loving enterprise. After fifteen … [Read more...]