The Reptilian – Boy’s Life EP

The Reptilian is a carbon copy of Minus The Bear, down to the silly, long song titles. The EP kicks off with a guitar riff I swear I heard off Highly Refined Pirates, and continues to duplicate MTB's style, rhythm, and tone like the members are building Ikea furniture. I've heard knock-offs before, but sheesh — you might as well have labeled this a … [Read more...]

Driving on City Sidewalks – Where Angels Crowd to Listen EP

The debut EP from Barry Mielke and Darryl Silvestri is quite an impressive offering. Sure, Where Angels Crowd To Listen can be derivative and it does falter in one or two moments, but overall Driving on City Sidewalks construct some well composed and emotionally charged music. The song that introduces the audience to what DOCS has to offer has a … [Read more...]