Ray Gibson – Fishing Muddy Puddles

I realize it's a bit dated now, but my hunch is that when Ray Gibson's  Fishing Muddy Puddles released in 2012, it didn't make much of a splash stateside.   And as far as puddles go - engaging, muddy, gritty, splashy good fun all around; I think we may have missed out.  The good news then is that there is more Ray Gibson and company due out later … [Read more...]

William Hut – Silent Hum

The level of clarity and sincerity involved with William Hut’s compositions has always been remarkable. In an age where the vast majority of music is self-centered it is refreshing to hear such an empathetic artist. Gaining fame from his time with Norway sensation Poor Rich Ones, Hut latest solo release Silent Hum maintains his passionate optimism … [Read more...]

The Color Turning – Good Hands Bad Blood

One of my best English professors used to tell me to "be bold" if nothing else.  Though, at the time, it was meant to guide our thoughts in formulating interesting arguments or analysis, it's really great advice, in general.  If I'm confident in something I'm writing, I shouldn't have to qualify my opinions with, "I think" or "I feel" and just go … [Read more...]