Folklore – Home Church Road

Not being the sort of guy who immediately warms up to the sometimes convoluted and frequently ludicrous narratives of post-hardcore outfit Coheed and Cambria, I was a little tentative in approaching the post-apocalyptic storyline that accompanies Folklore’s third record, Home Church Road.  Concept albums and obsessively detailed imagery in music … [Read more...]


It’s a daunting task to approach a band’s overtly-proclaimed concept album for a casual spin when it’s meant to be listened to for deep layers of meaning.  Such is the case for the second album by Italian band N.A.M.B. (the band says that what the acronym stands for varies, but “Noise And Music Bombshell” could be appropriate). To quote the … [Read more...]

Underappreciated Album of the Month: UAM #3 (Ayreon – The Human Equation, 2004)

It’s difficult for me to discuss Ayreon’s The Human Equation; it means so much to me and carries such a weight in quality and importance, especially since it exists alongside so many over appreciated albums, that I feel no words can do it justice. But here goes my attempt. The Human Equation, Ayreon’s sixth studio album, is a sprawling, lush, … [Read more...]

Scott Pinkmountain & The Golden Bolts Of Tone – The Full Sun

At first glance, Scott Pinkmountain looks like any other unassuming and nondescript indie rocker: unkempt hair, raggedy flannel apparel, Blues Brother sunglasses, and a beard that’s several hours beyond its 5 o’ clock shadow. But oh, how this appearance belies the music on his stunning new LP, The Full Sun. A self-described journey from romantic … [Read more...]