The Juliana Hatfield Three – Whatever, My Love

With a wave of younger bands - everyone from Alvvays to Yuck - exploring a lust for early-‘90s indie-rock idioms, it’s perhaps only fair that some of the original veterans should get a slice of the retro action.  Yet few probably predicated a return for The Juliana Hatfield Three; especially given that the trio released only one album (1993’s … [Read more...]

Mark Mulcahy – Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You

Life hasn’t been easy for Mark Mulcahy since the release of his last long-player, 2005’s still enduring In Pursuit Of Your Happiness, particularly with the death of his wife leaving him as a single parent to young twins.  Mercifully though, Mulcahy has found a way to gradually return to active duty, in part thanks to the financial and moral support … [Read more...]