Beaches – Second Of Spring

I will admit that Beaches were only vaguely known to me until quite recently, their name jumbled together alongside Best Coast and Beach House and one or two other similar bands whose music would appear every so often in my streaming playlists and whom I had decided were at least listenable. Some will know of them from their 2013 album She Beats … [Read more...]

Tarwater – Inside The Ships

Although it can be wrong to lump together and describe a music scene from one nation, particularly when its artists might be spread across several cities, record labels and generations, sometimes when collective traits are highlighted in a positive light it can be considered acceptable. In terms of the German electronic and experimental fraternity, … [Read more...]

Dollboy – Ghost Stations

Even with only three hard-to-find releases in circulation the fledgling Second Language label is already setting itself up as one of the safest betting endeavours in the constantly fragmenting music industry casino. Loosely modelling itself on the traditions of the erstwhile singles clubs of Sub Pop and Rough Trade as well as Temporary Residence’s … [Read more...]