NI – Dedoda

It isn't a word that finds a lot of use in music reviews nowadays, but if ever a band deserved be the described as 'angular', then that band is undoubtedly Austrian post-rock instrumentalists NI. Comprised of three guitarists and a drummer, NI formed around a decade ago and are continuing to pursue their artistic vision, one which takes a direct … [Read more...]

Shearwater – Fellow Travelers

Although there is no doubting the sincerity and artistic ambition that Jonathan Meiburg has invested whilst leading the ornithologically-obsessed Shearwater over the last decade, the band’s oeuvre has sometimes lacked in easy nesting places for newcomers needing to acclimatise to the contradictory fusion of the ornate and the austere.  This new … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #2

Screwing with this column’s formula already, this time around we have a more indirect look at the world of non-album obscurities, as three distinctively different rarities compilations go beneath this scribe’s critical scalpel.             The For Carnation - Promised Works (Touch & Go) Although Slint spawned a sea of … [Read more...]