Two Cow Garage – Speaking In Cursive

Rock N’ Roll, more than any other genre of music, is written for, listened to and inspired by teenagers. Perhaps the simple and carefree days of youth lend themselves specifically to rock treatment, but through and through, the best rock songs are centered on freewheeling adolescents and sung by adults who just want to go back, man. Two Cow … [Read more...]

Pontiak – Maker

Pontiak exists at a nexus between several musical spheres. It incorporates elements from classic rock and psychedelia into modern drone without owing complete allegiance to any of the three. Upon first listen some of the group's latest effort, Maker, can sound a little too close for comfort to material by Comets On Fire, Dead Meadow, Crystal … [Read more...]

Plans Plans – Col. Williamsburg

If you ever worked at or listened to your local college radio station, then the music of Maryland-based Plans Plans will sound uncomfortably familiar. Remember those instances of nonsensical vocals and lyrical incoherence, and the blatant examples of lo-fi production values with big drums and fuzzed-out bass? There’s plenty of it to be found on … [Read more...]