The NaveBlues – “Thank You” (cover)

Norwegian singer-songwriter and harmonica-player Nave Pundik is at the core of the indie-blues-rock project The NaveBlues.  Pundik is both a musician and visual artist, crafting ear-catching songs and eye-catching videos.  Nave’s video for “SexyKiss” put him on the musical map and now he explores uncharted territory with his cover of the Led … [Read more...]

Thirsty – “The Albatross”

London-based noir-rockers Thirsty made waves in the UK last year with a self-titled debut album and now the act is set to inundate the world with its second album, Albatross, landing in November.  Legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey was at the helm for the full-length’s production, mixing, and mastering. The core of Thirsty, Guy … [Read more...]

DownTown Mystic – “Dead End Space”

Hailing from the Garden State (that would be New Jersey) which has produced greats like Bruce Springsteen, Robert Allen flourishes under the moniker of DownTown Mystic.  His traditional rock ‘n’ roll and Americana songs emanate Tom Petty and The Boss-like vibes, while also radiating a bit of classic British rock at times. DownTown Mystic entered … [Read more...]

VOODOO CIRCLE – Broken Heart Syndrome

If you are unaware of Voodoo Circle they are basically a super group consisting of musicians known and well respected from their ‘day jobs’ with bands such as Primal Fear, Silent Force, and Sinner. Founded by guitarist Alex Beyrodt, their self titled debut in 2008 heralded cries of mass joy and colossal praise, making the wait for a follow up long … [Read more...]

Air Traffic Controller – The One

It’s hard to resist the charm of a serviceman who returns home from duty and channels his reflections on military life into a performing arts career.  So it is with Dave Munro, a Massachusetts native whose time in the U.S. Navy – performing a job you’ll never suspect – led to the unsuspecting discovery of formidable talents as a pop/rock … [Read more...]

Moneybrother – Real Control

There's a whole lotta  music goin' on on this, the fifth full-length (first in the U.S.) from Sweden's Moneybrother (aka Anders Wendin).  A whole lotta heart, too. Wendin is a veteran by now, having been on the scene since the 90s, and he sounds especially confident on Real Control, combining the strains of rock, punk, reggae and pop he's been … [Read more...]

Flying Machines – Self-Titled

The debut from buzz-band Flying Machines is now upon us. They’ve been featured on television commercials and shows, gained some popularity in the online music world, and now with their ten track self-titled debut, they hope to capture a much wider audience. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, these type of “indie rock/inspired by classic … [Read more...]

Night Horse – “Choose your side”

So, you wanna rock out to some modern classic rock music in a cowboy hat? Download some Night Horse into your ipod. This Los Angeles based five-piece band includes a delectable guitar duo, some diehard drums, bashing bass, and a ferocious vocalist. With that in mind, you can only imagine what their rock music sounds like. Indians or Cowboys? … [Read more...]

The Lonely H – Concrete Class

These guys have come a long way musically in the last few years and it's worth looking back over their career and their growth at this point.  The band's debut album, Kick Upstairs, was a lucky break for the 16 year olds from Port Angeles High School up in Northwest Washington, who won their way into Orbit Studios due to their second place win in … [Read more...]

Dinosaur Jr. – Farm

Two years ago, Dinosaur Jr. returned with its original trio to deliver one of 2007's best albums. Asserting itself as the loud and grunge master it sincerely is, J Mascis and crew have now found their fountain of youth with Farm. An album every bit as good as Beyond, it's time to realize that not only is Dinosaur Jr. back, but the group sounds … [Read more...]