The Walkabouts – Devil’s Road / Nighttown (deluxe reissues)

Having already done such a dependable job in keeping the bulk of The Walkabouts’ lengthy independently-released catalogue in good curatorial order, Germany’s Glitterhouse label has now finally secured the rights to release expanded versions of the two albums from the band’s brief tenure on Virgin Records.  Out of print for years, 1996’s Devil’s … [Read more...]

Tamikrest – Toumastin

Although generated by a fledgling outfit – at least in recording terms – the work of Mali’s Tamikrest already operates on many different levels, belying the band’s relative youth.  For starters, there’s the thoughtfully articulated socio-political representation of the displaced Touareg communities of the Sahara, from where the group draws its … [Read more...]

FAO#25: Dirtmusic & Fredrik

Although the impact of globalisation has for many been measured negatively in socio-economic and ecological terms, when it comes to cultural exchanges the picture seems a lot rosier.  Intensified by the internet and easier communications in general, the innumerable musical genres of our shared planet have become more broadly disseminated and … [Read more...]