The 757s – Freeway Surrender

Minnesotan band The 757s might as well be from Your Town, USA. With catchy pop songs rubbed out raw enough to find refuge in garages and dive bars everywhere, this veteran quartet's album Freeway Surrender comes a dime a dozen. And the disc's weak production doesn't help. Live, these guys probably make for a good show. But they offer no reason to … [Read more...]

American Werewolf Academy- Triceratops

A fleeting thrill, the album Triceratops is a cheap date with American Werewolf Academy. The band isn't ashamed of that. The problem is that tomorrow morning they probably won't be wanted anymore. The band, a three piece from Denton, Texas, sounds like a garage band playing power pop. At their best, they pitch a spirited raucous. But otherwise … [Read more...]