Angèle David-Guillou – Kourouma

Having come out from underneath the shadow of Piano Magic with 2010’s kaleidoscopic dream-pop suite Serenades & Serinettes - her second LP as Klima - Angèle David-Guillou returns here on another solo trip.  Working under her own name this time around, having chosen to keep Klima as a vocal-led and collaborator-birthed project, this new detour … [Read more...]

Plinth – Music For Smalls Lighthouse

Over the first full year of Second Language’s secretive and sublime existence, the label has – putting aside two eclectic compilations - broadly captured three schools of musical thought; earthy intimacy (Brave Timbers), ambitious craftsmanship (Klima) and conceptual eccentricity (Dollboy and Ghostwriter).  This last but not least 2L release for … [Read more...]

Interview with Christopher Tignor of Slow Six

Adam Costa: How did you first become exposed to and interested in classical music as a child?  It seems like classical music has had a significant effect on your work as a member of Slow Six. Christopher Tignor: The short answer is my mother.  She got me playing violin when I was three years old, and the rest of my brothers were all signed up … [Read more...]

Balmorhea – Constellations

Constellations always seemed to require too much focus and imagination for me. As a youngster, instead of getting psyched by trying to locate one in the night sky, all I could think of was how much of a stretch the whole enterprise was - how much it missed the forest for the trees. So it seems a little ironic to me that acoustic instrumental … [Read more...]

Slow Six – Tomorrow Becomes You

Rock bands with a jones for classical music are nothing new to us; ever since the Beatles set aside their guitars to make room for the string octets on “Yesterday” and “Eleanor Rigby,” popular music has flirted with – and in some cases, gone head over heels for – the sounds of Mozart and Beethoven. Yet whether your point of reference is Jimmy Page … [Read more...]

Baja – Aether Obelisk

This fourth installment under the Baja moniker finds eclectic composer Daniel Vujanic promising an album that favors thematic cohesiveness over trite sonic noodling. In other words, we’ve been told to expect quality over quantity. Even the disc’s title, Aether Obelisk, makes esoteric hints at music that has time and space to develop its inherent … [Read more...]