Artists On Albums: AOA#36 (Ghostwriter’s Mark Brend on American Gothic)

Ghostwriter’s Mark Brend on… David Ackles’ American Gothic (Elektra, 1972) I’ve been listening to David Ackles for 27 years now, and for most of that time his third album American Gothic, was one I admired more than liked. Recently that’s changed, but for years if I wanted to listen to Ackles, which I often did, I’d generally turn to his … [Read more...]

Ghostwriter – Dimensions EP

Having made such an impression with 2010’s esoteric - and now highly collectible - The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association album for Second Language, the Devon-based Mark Brend has been biding his time in gestating a follow-up release for his Ghostwriter project.  Thankfully though, the wait has been worth it, even if this brief … [Read more...]