Evil Men Have No Songs – s/t EP

The depth and breadth of yet-unknown (or at least not widely known) and unsigned talent that can be found on MySpace is truly amazing.  One such artist that stands out is Hungary-based Evil Men Have No Songs (the name is a Nietzsche quote).  This “band” is actually a guy named RP and he creates appealing song structures and sonics that meld lo-fi … [Read more...]

The Legends – Over And Over

Anyone who names his or her band The Legends has serious delusions of grandeur or is perhaps taking the piss.  Luckily for Swedish mastermind Johan Angergård (member of Acid House Kings and Club 8, as well as founder of Labrador Records), his project is much closer to sonic grandeur than failure.  Melodic and sweet pop hooks are oftentimes laden … [Read more...]

Interview with The Happy Hollows

Delusions of Adequacy:  Hey there!  How is everything going?  You must be gearing up for the October 6th release of your debut album Spells.  Can you go into the line-up of the band and what the process was like to create your first album? Charlie:  Hey! Everything is going great, thanks. The line up is Sarah Negahdari on guitar and vocals, … [Read more...]