Speck Mountain – Badwater

Badwater incarnate is just as likely to be wearing a poetry slam beret as it is a Norwegian sweater, and when invited over for a film night is likely to bring copies of Gene Wilder's Chocolate Factory and the Science of Sleep. The album provides an aural recap to a dimly lit bar in the Mohave circa '76, whilst simultaneously retaining aesthetic … [Read more...]

Antietam – Tenth Life

Like her part-time collaborator – Eleventh Dream Day’s Rick Rizzo – Tara Key could quite easily and understandably have packed away the guitars some time ago, content in the knowledge that a lengthy ongoing struggle had yielded a commendable body of work.  Since the late-‘70s, through the Babylon Dance Band, solo recordings, cross-pollinations with … [Read more...]

Speck Mountain Announces July Tour

Folk/Americana duo Speck Mountain have released a set of dates for July. The dates and locations follow, they'll be supported by Sub Pop's Death Vessel. 7/10/09-The Belmont, Detroit 7/13/09-Zuzu at the Middle East, (Cambridge) Boston 7/15/09-Bruar Falls, Brooklyn 7/16/09-Monkey Town, Brooklyn 7/19/09-Velvet Lounge, Washington DC … [Read more...]

The Handsome Family – Honey Moon

Having a successful marriage has to be one of the most rewarding joys we can share in life. Now, when you're able to fulfill your craft through this partnership is surely another delight all on its own. Throughout their existence as a band, Brett and Rennie Sparks have made The Handsome Family a very lovable and loving enterprise. After fifteen … [Read more...]