Toro Y Moi – Anything in Return

Beginning the year with fashionably great music is always a welcome addition. Now, for three of the past four years, Toro Y Moi’s main man, Chaz Bundick, has released a terrific new album at the beginning of each year. Commencing with his debut, Causers of This, where he, along with friends, ushered in the sounds of ‘chillwave,’ it was quickly … [Read more...]

Small Wonders #14

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Hopes and Past Desires 7" (Immune; 2009) Rafael Anton Irisarri, it turns out, is the man behind last year's excellent album by The Sight Below, Glider. Some may already be familiar with him via his solo album, Daydreaming, that was released on Miasmah. This is my first exposure to the music released under his own name … [Read more...]