Mac DeMarco – Salad Days

Prior to the advent of indie, the creation of odd music had a place and a purpose.  Odd music was made by outsiders - people whose characteristics made them different, and as a result, outcasts from society in one sense or another.  Music was an artistic vehicle for revelation, rendering and expressing those characteristics in a way that manifested … [Read more...]

Craft Spells – Idle Labor

With a cover that's a clear homage to Power, Corruption, & Lies, one would expect something like New Order's bouncy electro-pop from Craft Spells' debut album Idle Labor, and that assumption would be pretty right on. Captured Tracks is trying really hard to make us forget we're not still living in the 80's, releasing gem after gem of pop rock … [Read more...]

Minks – By the Hedge

Debuting with a couple of 7" singles is doing it the old-fashioned way, and the old-fashioned way is back. I'm not sure why it took so long, but with blogs playing the roll of zines, vinyl offering a real alternative to MP3 ubiquity as well as bringing back investment in music, and the massive scaling up of potential listeners (and customers) via … [Read more...]

Wild Nothing – Gemini

Is there something intrinsically melancholy about hazily chiming guitars and floaty synths, or are they just inextricably associated because successful bands using that instrumentation just happened to be overtly melancholy? Wild Nothing’s debut album Gemini doesn’t really clear any of these questions up, but it seems to suggest that the … [Read more...]