Interview with TKTTSM

Hi Johanna and Owen!  Your freakin’ fantastic self-titled album has me bouncing around the room like a spastic kid with a sugar high, to put it mildly. How did you prepare for the October 16th release of TKTTSM on Sumxuni Records?   Johanna: Yay! I've spent the last few years attempting to funnel my natural spaziness into our music. It's so nice … [Read more...]


Imaginative artists of the first order, Brooklyn-based Johanna Stahley and Owen O’Mahony of TKTTSM are set to release their debut self-titled album mid-October on Sumxuni Records, and it’s a knockout.  Thirty-six minutes or so of aggressively melodic, sing-song, psych-rock/candy-pop tunes blast by and dreamily collide at the crossroads of rock and … [Read more...]