Sear Bliss – Eternal Recurrence

Sear Bliss can best be described as a non-conventional, atmospheric black metal band from Hungary.  Their new album Eternal Recurrence on Candlelight Records is their seventh full length release since their inception in 1993.  This is my first foray into this audial madness and from my first overall impression it seems a worthy offering to the … [Read more...]

Falloch – Where Distant Spirits Remain

The debut album from Scottish duo Falloch, Where Distant Spirits Remain is an atmospheric soundscape of flowing fresh and engaging sounds carrying enough emotive music to satisfy any musical soul. The album is a seven track blend of folk rock, progressive rock, and atmospheric metal that's a powerful and passionate play upon the senses. Released … [Read more...]

Anaal Nathrakh – Passion

One does not exactly sit and listen to Anaal Nathrakh but rather allows a complete and thorough violation upon the senses. The band's aural assault is all consuming and blatantly violent. The group from Birmingham, UK bring their own brand of black and death metal, with infusions of many other genres such as grindcore and industrial, stripping it … [Read more...]

Sourvein – Black Fang

Armed with the unrelenting, oppressive blanket of sound sludge/doom metalers Sourvein are known for, comes a new release dripping in uncompromising and punishing noise. Spanning ten pulsating and scathing slabs of metal, Black Fang is an all consuming hungry beast that is sure to delight existing fans of the band and other followers of the darker … [Read more...]