Brontosaurus – Beware

Beware is the debut LP from the band interestingly named after one of the biggest herbivores to ever exist; Brontosaurus.  Self-described as experimental pop; however, I stand in firm disagreement with them over that coinage. When I think of pop there is a sense of immediate accessibility and an air of tenuousness to the music. That is not to say … [Read more...]

Amanda Palmer – Goes Down Under

Once you 'discover' a new (to you) artist, you often find yourself quickly working your way back through their output - purchasing previous releases, scouring youtube for interesting videos, discovering little factoids about the artist, and generally connecting the dots. After hearing the lead single from Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under, "Map of … [Read more...]

The Gypsy Nomads – Happy Madness

Happy Madness, the fourth album from the duo affectionately know by fans as "Frenchy and the Punk", is chock full of bouncy, fun cabaret punk. The Gypsy Nomads - Samantha Stephenson (percussion, vocals) and Scott Helland (guitar, vocals) - are hard to pin down to any one style. If the Violent Femmes and and Katzenjammer had babies, this is what it … [Read more...]

Katzenjammer – Le Pop

While seeking out some choice selections of non-US/non-UK music I was hipped to the all-female, Norwegian band Katzenjammer. Although I missed their recent swing through Philadelphia (and I'm sorry that I skipped it), their late June release Le Pop is an exciting entry into the everything-but-the-kitchen-sink (well, maybe that too) approach to rock … [Read more...]

Antony and the Johnsons – The Crying Light

It feels as if it’s been more than ten years since Antony and the Johnson’s breakthrough triumph, I Am a Bird Now. Mostly due to the fact that it felt like such a timeless wonder, one could only ponder in awe as to what Antony Hegarty would do next. Whereas that album encircled themes of love, acceptance, sexuality, heartbreak, forgiveness and so … [Read more...]