Craft – Void

In 2005 Craft released what was to be their final album, Fuck The Universe. Low and behold, 2011 marked the return of the Swedish Black Metal five piece. Craft bring something new to the table while re-inventing the genre. Obviously influenced by Darkthrone and Burzum, Craft's Void takes the listener back to 1992. Heavy, with orchestral … [Read more...]

Fester – “Winter Of Sin”

You know honestly, my first impression was that this is Wyld Stallyns, Bill And Ted's band from Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure. Further on in it's like 1980's era-Suicidal Tendencies mixed in with your little brother's garage band. Winter Of Sin comes from 1992, and has long since been out-of-print. With this re-issue on Abyss Records, they … [Read more...]

Ludicra – The Tenant

Ludicra, a skilled, trained and thunderous black metal band from San Francisco, CA, present us with their newest album titled The Tenant. Its part Gorgoroth, part Mastodon, though Ludicra wipes their sweat with these bands. Formed in 1998, this 5 piece blast-beat laden force puts to shame all of us who strive for greatness. I first heard Ludicra … [Read more...]

Burzum – “Glemselens Elv”

It's been 11 years since the release of a Burzum album. Track three "Glenselens Elv" is off of Belus, which refers to the European deity of light and innocence. One can't help but remember Burzum frontman (and sole member) Varg Vikernes. Imprisoned for 21 years (serving only 16), convicted of arson as well as the murder of Euronymous, guitarist for … [Read more...]