New album from Built To Spill in October

Take a listen to "Things Fall Apart," a track from Built To Spill's forthcoming There Is No Enemy,  released 10/6 via Warner Bros. "Things Fall Apart": windows stream: Full album track listing: 01 "Aisle 13" 02 "Hindsight" 03 "Nowhere Lullaby" 04 "Good Ol' Boredom" 05 "Life's A Dream" 06 "Oh Yeah" 07 … [Read more...]

Helvetia – Helvetia’s Junk Shop

Named after the homeland of lead-everything Jason Albertini, Helvetia is a veteran indie band which has previously cranked out three records and has extensively toured with (and extensively name-dropped) Built to Spill. There have been an almost exhaustive amount of parallels drawn between this group and Built to Spill, and from what I’ve gathered, … [Read more...]

Clock Hands Strangle – Distaccati

Isaac Brock may be years away from retirement, but Modest Mouse already has more than its share of tribute bands. They range from the splendid (Cymbals Eat Guitars) to the swindlers, and Clock Hands Strangle is a regrettable example of the latter. On Distaccati, the band’s sophomore release, CHS borrow liberally from The Lonesome Crowded West era … [Read more...]

Secrets Between Sailors – s/t

Secrets Between Sailors' self-titled debut unleashes a raucous and vigorous brew of garage punk and pure 70’s classic rock, a mix of Husker Du and Thin Lizzy. The album cover photo captures a crude bunker-style studio littered with guitars, drums, amps, a spaghetti mix of wires and cables, and sticking out from behind a toppled mess of hardware is … [Read more...]