Laura Marling – A Creature I Don’t Know

It’s hard not to feel both twinges of cynical suspicion and mild concern when it comes to Laura Marling's rapidly rising starlet status.  Already shortlisted for the Mercury Music Prize twice, signed to a major label with plenty of marketing muscle power and encumbered by gossip-friendly side-stories of past relationships with members of Noah & … [Read more...]

Faun Fables – Light Of A Vaster Dark

Dawn McCarthy hasn’t necessarily made it easy to read her Faun Fables.  Through her dalliances with performance art theatrics, rustic film-noir atmospherics and heady conceptual songwriting – which reached a peak on 2006’s The Transit Rider – McCarthy and her primary Faun Fables sideman Nils Frykdahl have in part been ghettoised by both inverted … [Read more...]