Clinic – Bubblegum

Having perfected a triangulation of ‘60s garage-rock scuzz, mangled Krautrock and dismantled Augustus Pablo dub so early on, Clinic left very little room for future manoeuvre, only relentless repetition.  Whilst such dutiful recycling has always allowed the Liverpool foursome to deliver a consistent stream of sterling singles over the last decade, … [Read more...]

Dollboy – Ghost Stations

Even with only three hard-to-find releases in circulation the fledgling Second Language label is already setting itself up as one of the safest betting endeavours in the constantly fragmenting music industry casino. Loosely modelling itself on the traditions of the erstwhile singles clubs of Sub Pop and Rough Trade as well as Temporary Residence’s … [Read more...]

Flipsides & Otherwise: FAO #15

This column was originally conceived as a convenient means to cross-examine short-form releases that didn't quite require lengthy prose.  Since then though, such a remit has been self-corrupted by a necessity to round-up an overflow of new and archival wares, often thematically, before they pass through this writer's over-roving ears.  But this … [Read more...]