Kevin Tihista’s Red Terror – On This Dark Street

Missing, presumed cruelly lost in obscurity, after 2005’s still sublime demos/outtakes collection Home Demons Vol.1, cloistered Chicago-dweller Kevin Tihista has spent over half a decade mired in personal, financial and US record label tribulations.  However, thanks to the considerate coaxing and support of small Manchester label Broken Horse, … [Read more...]

At Swim Two Birds – Before You Left

It’s somewhat of a double-edged sword for anyone brave enough to be romantically entangled with Roger Quigley (who trades solo as At Swim Two Birds and also under a band umbrella as one of The Montgolfier Brothers).  On the one hand, a Quigley relationship is pre-destined to end in an emotional cataclysm, to be deconstructed in painful detail just … [Read more...]