Cheap Red – Cheap Red

In the grand, but lo-fi tradition of the prolific Stewart Anderson’s numerous previous bands (Boyracer, Hulaboy, The Cannanes, Fog & Ocean, etc…, the latest one being Tricia Yates Fanclub), Cheap Red is another of Stewart’s musical incarnations that also includes Jen Turrell,  Akina Kawauchi, and Arland Nicewander (aka Kanda).    The vocals are … [Read more...]

Stewart of Boyracer back in Cheap Red

Cheap Red is the dazzling new band from Jen and Stewart (Boyracer) and Akina and Arland (Kanda). The debut release is a double CD featuring 14 pop songs on one disc and 13 classy remixes on the other. The remixes feature our very talented friends, Bracken (Hood), Kid606, Sisterhood Of Convoluted Thinkers, DJ Downfall, James Earthenware, Team … [Read more...]