Buffalo Tom – Let Me Come Over (deluxe reissue)

It’s hard for this writer to retain rigorous objectivity when it comes to Buffalo Tom’s third and finest album, Let Me Come Over.  These ears know virtually its every crotchet and quaver as well as its soaring heights and forgivable flaws, with the comforting familiarity of a life-long friend.  Introduced to the LP belatedly by a university years … [Read more...]

E – “I Want To Feel Good” b/w “Great Light”

In the rush to exploit the revived and seemingly insatiable lust for vinyl in 12”-sized portions, the forever durable 7” single is currently being squeezed out of its market share again (except of course in the case of releases on Jack White’s Third Man label or for fan-fleecing exclusives, reissues or novelty items on Record Store Day).  But the … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – Colder Still EP

If the past two years have been any indication, 2012 looks like it’ll be good to Boston’s Kingsley Flood.  The Americana sextet that first seized the public’s attention with its sinewy 2010 debut, Dust Windows, has established a palpable indie notoriety over the past year, getting media attention from NPR and Paste, receiving awards from regional … [Read more...]

Jen Grygiel – s/t EP

Poets, philosophers, psychologists, and theologians have been writing about love since the dawn of time, but there’s something about its multi-faceted complexities that continues to intrigue us.  It would be fair to assume that without amour as a subject, the film and music industries would’ve collapsed ages ago.  Indeed, love – be it passion, … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”

Ever since the spring 2010 release of their superb debut album (Dust Windows), Boston-based Kingsley Flood has been reaping the benefits of a rekindled nationwide interest in Americana music.  Bands like the Low Anthem and the Felice Brothers have been stoutheartedly composing roots-flavored songs for a few years now, but thanks in large part to … [Read more...]

Low @ the Paramount Center, Boston, MA 4/29/11

Those who obsessively use their disposable income to purchase records and attend shows know full well that some artists soar highest when onstage while others are better suited to the environs of a recording studio.  Many of us have been to performances expecting the same sonic expansiveness exhibited by groups on their albums, only to discover … [Read more...]

Air Traffic Controller – The One

It’s hard to resist the charm of a serviceman who returns home from duty and channels his reflections on military life into a performing arts career.  So it is with Dave Munro, a Massachusetts native whose time in the U.S. Navy – performing a job you’ll never suspect – led to the unsuspecting discovery of formidable talents as a pop/rock … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – Dust Windows

Wither Americana. In recent decades, the genre has been diminished to a shadow of it's former nostalgic self. Granted, a great part of this is due to the emergence of the moveable feast that is Alt. Country, but it is not within Alt. Country's parameters to wake something vestigial in our communal national memory, as Americana does, purposefully or … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – Dust Windows

When a band is tagged with the “Americana” label, it’s usually because the musical output possesses a quaint, folksy vibe that is steeped in nostalgic imagery of the good ole’ days but also easily accessible to a modern demographic of listeners. The tunes are usually heavy on charm but sadly, also light on originality. Played well, the genre can … [Read more...]

Defeater – Lost Ground

Defeater is like the reserved valedictorian of Boston hardcore.  But hey, you can't be the quarterback at the same time.  They're content channelling US History and running the A/V club, as the layout motif and guitarist Jay Maas' extracurricular activities will show and tell.   Eventually, people will realize they are cool in their own way.  Lost … [Read more...]