Fire Records lets loose another three Robert Pollard releases for 2012

Not content with consummating his new relationship with Fire Records with two creditable classic line-up Guided By Voices reunion albums (Let's Go Eat The Factory and Class Clown Spots A UFO) and a low-key yet likeable solo album (Mouseman Cloud) already in 2012, Robert Pollard returns for the latter end of the year with no less than more three … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – Class Clown Spots A UFO

Having quickly rediscovered Robert Pollard’s artistic mojo and democratic credentials through the likeable and inventive Let’s Go Eat The Factory LP earlier this year, the reformed early-‘90s line-up of Guided By Voices returns rapidly to keep the creative camaraderie momentum rolling.  And roll Class Clown Spots A UFO certainly does.  Whereas its … [Read more...]

Guided By Voices – Let’s Go Eat The Factory

Even though 2004’s dissolution of Guided By Voices had the marks of finality to it - especially with commander-in-chief Robert Pollard’s subsequent ceaseless productivity as a solo artist and a multiple side-project dabbler suggesting that he no longer needed the GBV funnel to channel his relentlessly flooding songwriting – there was still some … [Read more...]