30km Inland – Stolen Shore Lines

Whilst this Anglo-Spanish enterprise has snuck out a clutch of compilation tracks over the last few years, this is the first full-length outing for the hard-to-file-alphabetically 30km Inland.  Cut by the combined skills of lead arranger/multi-instrumentalist Xavier Martí (Mudo, Continental Film Night), multi-instrumentalist/mixer David Sheppard … [Read more...]

Q&A with Watoo Watoo

Salut Michaël!  I’ve been spinning your lovely recent album, Un Si Longue Attente, and for some reason the phrase “jolie-pop” springs to my mind… Since you and Pascale are both natives of France, maybe you understand what I mean by that terminology.  Your music is pleasing and inviting, despite the occasional bleak lyrics. Do you think the … [Read more...]

The Hands of the Wrong People – Proportions

Berlin based The Hands of the Wrong People take their cues from admirable sources. The late '80s, early '90s post-punk ranging from Sebadoh, The Smiths, Birthday Part, Pavement, and bear with me here, The Sea and Cake. The trio is bass driven and features sunny guitar harmonies (studio overdubbed, since clearly two guitars are played on record but … [Read more...]

The High Llamas – Talahomi Way

In a recent interview Irish guitarist/songwriter Sean O’Hagan noted that his band’s new album “Is a colourful record that has a spring feel at the start and an early spring evening feel at the end. There is reference to the pink evening sky.” While merely describing something obscurely aesthetic – without any reference to the actual sound of the … [Read more...]

The Da Vincis – See You Tonight

Barely high school seniors from Mississippi, the members of The Da Vincis are quite remarkable from a background standpoint. It's also pretty remarkable that they make such mature sounding music. These aren't the sounds of teenagers hacking away at cheap guitars, but rather of a dusty, bossa nova group, with loads of piano, breezy synths,  jangly … [Read more...]