Brad Tilbe’s Top 3 of 2011

1. Ghost - Opus Eponymous Ghost have created quite a buzz in the Metal scene since (and prior to) the January 2011 release of their first full length, Opus Eponymous. They're not necessarily Metal, and they're technically not a Rock band. Ghost is a melodic, heavy concoction of both. Lyrics boast Satan as their master, God, and taker of life. … [Read more...]

Ryan Lloyd’s Top 3 of 2011

For this writer, these top three albums of 2011 transcend their time, with a stake in the past, present and future. This music will not fade simply as the years continue and are not merely a product of a trend or flavor-of-the-month sound, but have the ability to retain their presence and appeal years from now. In the case of the number one album … [Read more...]

A Lull – “Weapons For War”

A Lull come at us from Chicago with a sound not of this planet. Their video for "Weapons For War" exudes the same, alien like tendencies. It's a mixed friendship/love story with an unexplainable creepiness throughout. Their newest album, Confetti, was released on April 12th through Mush Records. Track one is "Weapons For War".  Much like Bon … [Read more...]

Josh T. Pearson – “Woman When I’ve Raised Hell”

Every once in a while the musical world is blessed with an artist like Josh T. Pearson. First there was Nick Drake, then Elliott Smith, and more recently Bon Iver. Ten years after Pearson's group Lift To Experience disbanded his whispery, forlorn beauty returns with Last Of The Country Gentlemen, set for release in the US on March 29th. Track three … [Read more...]

Wooden Wand – “Perch Modifier”

Harem of the Sundrum & the Witness Figg was the first solo album from Wooden Wand's James Jackson Toth who previously recorded and performed with the now disbanded group The Vanishing Voice. Released on Soft Abuse Records, Toth is an artist whose range stretches from the experimental to psychedelic country-folk. "Perch Modifier" offers a … [Read more...]