Willis Earl Beal – Acousmatic Sorcery

Seemingly pulled out of an antique china case after years of shelf life, Willis Earl Beal dusts the shelves off and emerges with a poignant yet simple batch of tunes with his debut anthem, Acousmatic Sorcery. Throughout the album a few characteristics stand out, but out of its many blues like qualities the one that I see potentially defining the … [Read more...]

The Stone Foxes – “Psycho” b/w “Serious People”

The Stone Foxes have apparently opened for the Black Keys before, which doesn't surprise me in the least. The San Francisco band take many of the same cues as the Keys did early on - fuzzed out blues rock, gritty garage reverb, and plenty of 70's inspiration - and whirl them into an impressive two track release. I recall being floored by my first … [Read more...]

Kingsley Flood – “I Don’t Wanna Go Home”

Ever since the spring 2010 release of their superb debut album (Dust Windows), Boston-based Kingsley Flood has been reaping the benefits of a rekindled nationwide interest in Americana music.  Bands like the Low Anthem and the Felice Brothers have been stoutheartedly composing roots-flavored songs for a few years now, but thanks in large part to … [Read more...]

Rayographs – s/t

A Rayograph is the name given to a photographic technique developed by Man Ray in the 1920s, a fact probably known mostly to students of photography and industry professionals. The images Ray produced using his technique make for interesting viewing, products as they are of the first wave of Surrealist art, and their monochrome imagist style owes … [Read more...]

Little Tybee – Humorous to Bees

One of the trickiest things to do in music is combine influences without sounding derivative. It takes true skill, focus, and cohesion of minds to channel multiple genres into a fresh, genuine and organic new identity. On its second LP, Humorous to Bees, Little Tybee has done just that. With a wonderful blend of styles and a fun, free vibe, the … [Read more...]

She Rides – Buy The Ticket EP

Loud, dirty, punk rock thrown in with some bluesy, sweaty rock n roll equals She Rides. They leave a lingering taste that you'll find hard to get rid of but will enjoy having around anyway. Their new EP Buy the Ticket is a no frills slice of pure rock, with four slabs of meaty noise, riffs, screaming guitars, and taunting vocals. The band … [Read more...]

Short Takes on Three Albums

Lissie - Catching a Tiger Fat Possum http://www.lissie.com/ My first exposure to Lissie was the excellent "Little Lovin'" - a magical tune that straddles the lines between all out pop and alt-country. The song first appeared on her EP Why You Runnin (also a Fat Possum release) last year. I love this infectious song in all its hand-clapping … [Read more...]

Q&A with Talitha of Life Size Ghost

Fresh off a summer tour, Talitha, the swank front-woman for Life Size Ghost, the indie band with a bluesy twist, tells us their story. What is the meaning behind the name Life Size Ghost? Our old roommate came up with the name.  He had a comic series he was working on and we decided to use the name for a unique band name. Your music is … [Read more...]

Ruby Throat – “Barebaiting”

KatieJane Garside and Chris Wittingham of Ruby Throat both appear in the second video that Chris directed for a song off the duo’s sophomore album Out of a Black Cloud Came a Bird.  Chris trades the diaphanous images of “In the Arms of Flowers”, the first video he directed, for the inky black and sunlight-white visuals of “Barebaiting”.  The tap of … [Read more...]

Toy Soldiers – Whisper Down the Lane

There’s something to be said for music that’s been assembled in a slapdash manner.  After all, most of this country’s oldest genres have always kept spontaneity and improvisation at the core of their mission.  Indeed, much of the blunt emotional force and raw air to be found in blues, jazz, and country would be lost if blueprints had been drawn up … [Read more...]