The Black Keys – El Camino

Is it me, or did the Black Keys’ popularity all but explode in the past two years?  For a good long run through most of the century’s first decade, the pride of Akron garnered a sizeable fanbase by pumping out consistently formidable blues-rock, brittle and brash enough to distinguish itself from that other Midwestern blues-rock duo, but not quite … [Read more...]

Kill It Kid – Feet Fall Heavy

Kill It Kid don't play by the rules, at least not the usual ones. Their own particular take on blues guitar and electronica is something they've honed to near perfection since the band first formed in 2007, and while it's fair to mention that they've had some assistance in creating what is now their own very individualistic sound - the band's first … [Read more...]

Blackwater James- Blackwater James

I have a few loose - very loose - connections to Blackwater James, the Atlanta rockers. The connections are just existent enough that I was blown away when I heard they opened for Ratt and The Scorpions. I almost know people who played with famous people! Then I realized that it was Ratt and The Scorpions, two out of hand 80s hair metal bands. With … [Read more...]

Kingsnake – Book of Promise

Popping Book of Promise into the CD player and being introduced to the band Kingsnake via the sounds of "Madame Greed" made me think to myself, "these guys get right down to business, don't they?" It delivers a solid opening for this Philadelphia based foursome's debut album. Vocally, Kingsnake makes me want to question whether it somehow … [Read more...]

The Black Keys – Brothers

You wouldn’t be mistaken when referring to The Black Keys as one of rock’s most consistent bands. For six albums now, the Ohio-based duo has quietly created a discography that consists of some of the best blues-rock of the new century. After a quartet of albums that showcased solid and steady hands on deck, the Keys opted to have Danger Mouse … [Read more...]

The Dead Weather – Sea of Cowards

Regardless of your listening habits or past run ins with The Dead Weather’s expansive musical family tree – The White Stripes, Kills, Queens of the Stone Age, and Raconteurs among them – it’d be difficult to refute the evidence that their sophomore LP unrepentantly rocks hard and heavy. Whether or not the furious barrage of dark blues-rock on Sea … [Read more...]

The Chimeras – Her

The Chimeras is a solid guitar-rock band name for a band that makes solid guitar-rock. The Pennsylvanian quartet encompasses two guitarists, a singer equipped with a bass guitar, and a drummer stuck in the back of the stage – probably the most traditional set up over the entire history of rock music. Besides a few token whistles and … [Read more...]

The Sister Ruby Band – A Shot in the Dark EP

The music of Joy Division has left quite the impact on many bands still making music. While the comparison has worked for a few, it has also plagued others by pigeon-holing their own, respective, sounds. Some bands like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club have pushed through it with albums that are all sublime and The Sister Ruby Band seems to be following … [Read more...]

Ted Garber – American Rail

Singer-songwriter Ted Garber and his potent influences are displayed in bountiful amounts on the DC resident’s globally minded debut, American Rail. Growing up the son of a folk musician, and later taking up residency in New Orleans, the enriching culture of the Big Easy’s R&B scene made as much of an impression on Garber as the Latin and Bossa … [Read more...]

Bob Dylan – Together Through Life

If we went by looks only, it's obvious by the cover-featuring two star-crossed lovers kissing in the back of a car-that Bob Dylan's new album is a rough outlook on love. This is his 33rd studio album and while it isn't as hard-hitting, nor as gripping as his previous, Modern Times, Together Through Life is one of Dylan's most relaxed albums to … [Read more...]