Woods of Desolation – As the Stars

Australia's Woods of Desolation return with As the Stars on Northern Silence records.  Their 2011 release Torn Beyond Reason was a profound, if not unexpected, dose of melodic, emotive black metal and easily climbed to the top of my best of the year list.  So with that being said, it is easy to surmise this album should garner massive attention … [Read more...]

Alghazanth – The Three-Faced Pilgrim

Alghazanth return with their seventh full length album The Three-Faced Pilgrim on Woodcut Records.  Their brand of symphonic metal has always managed to captivate and leave one spellbound; with striking similarities to bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Dark Fortress and even Cradle of Filth.  After an early preview of a few tracks, it was enough to … [Read more...]

Anagnorisis – “Clan of Kerr”

Kentucky based Anagnorisis' most recent offering Beyond All Light is set for release in the Summer of 2013 and the stand out track "Clan of Kerr" perfectly demonstrates the band's eclectic manipulation of thrash, black, and death metal sounds. With a guitar tone that eerily resembles older Dark Funeral before evolving into an At the Gates meets … [Read more...]

Medico Peste – “Livid”

"Livid" is track two off of Medico Peste's new album Tremendum et Fascinatio (Fearful And Fascinating Mystery). Released on October 15, 2012 via Malignant Voices, this Polish quintet's  first proper full length falls nothing short of a masterpiece. "Livid" begins with drummer Priest and bassist The Fall. They join together on an opening that … [Read more...]

Angantyr – Forvist

Danish metal staple, Angantyr comes ripping in at the end of 2012 with his new offering Forvist on Northern Silence Productions.  With sole member Ynelborgas' straight ahead, no frills approach to black metal it is clear that Angantyr are not messing around with a proven formula.  Let us delve once again into the enveloping darkness known as one … [Read more...]

Dark Forest – Land of the Evening Star

Dark Forest is a one man, atmospheric black metal project that hails from Canada. This is its second full length album, Land of the Evening Star by way of Bleak Art Records. I can recall briefly exploring Dark Forest's previous album Aurora Borealis and it did make an impression on me. After hearing just one track I am eager to see what we have in … [Read more...]

Interview with Deafheaven

Although San Francisco-based band Deafheaven only formed in early 2010, it has stormed the musical world by force, in short order signing with Deathwish, Inc. and releasing an impressive, if sometimes imposing, debut album, Roads To Judah, in 2011.  Songwriter and vocalist George Clarke and guitarist Kerry McCoy form the core of the band, which is … [Read more...]

Mgla – With Hearts Toward None

If there is one album I have been anticipating most so far this year, it's With Hearts Toward None from Mgla on Northern Heritage.  I was seriously blown away by the shear magnitude of 2009's Groza—it simply crushes you with sound.  If With Hearts Toward None manages to capture the same sentiment as Groza, this album should be sure to turn a few … [Read more...]

Drudkh – Eternal Turn of the Wheel

Ukraine's Drudkh have always managed to merge just enough atmosphere, mood, aggression and melody into their well-crafted, lengthy songs.  For 2012, Drudkh offer up Eternal Turn of the Wheel on Season of Mist.  I was a pretty big fan of 2009's Microcosmos, but missed the boat on the mixed reviewed Handful of Stars.  On their ninth full length it … [Read more...]

Voidhanger – Wrathprayers

Comprised of members of Infernal War, that blasting beast from behind the wall of the Eastern Bloc, Voidhanger drops a megaton of aggression and anger to the blackened death metal scene. This is a welcome surprise since Infernal War's last album was a split with Kriegsmachine in 2010. Fans of Infernal War should be able to welcome Wrathprayers from … [Read more...]