Various Artists – Avocet Revisited EP

Given the ceaseless archival patronage that London’s Earth Recordings has given to the back catalogue of the late Bert Jansch, it was perhaps only a matter of time before the label branched-out into a compiling a tribute collection of some stripe.  It might have seemed logical - although more logistically complex - to round-up a gargantuan covers … [Read more...]

Tyneham House – self-titled

Although the Second Language label has certainly embraced pan-European creativity across its catalogue to date, arguably its collective character has been defined predominantly by a distinctively English sense of mystery, invention, history and eccentricity.  This thankfully has not presented itself in jingoistic small-minded traditionalist forms … [Read more...]

Tobias Hengeveld – All The Lines Are Down

Though his fiddle and whistle skills aren’t quite virtuosic, there are an uncanny number of parallels between Aussie folkster Tobias Hengeveld and Chicago’s Andrew Bird. Both of them showcase the expressive capabilities of the acoustic guitar throughout their work, all the while imbuing the songs with a sense of striking austerity. They’ve both … [Read more...]