The Corner Laughers- Ultraviolet Garden

The Corner Laughers' name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, and their music doesn't exactly lodge in your memory. They conjure up 80's pop and the more contemporary, Belle & Sebastian. So, yes, the aesthetic is familiar, with jangly guitar riffs and sunshine melodies. The Corner Laughers are at an inherent disadvantage by cultivating from a … [Read more...]

Grand Hallway – Promenade

It’s practically a cliché in these days of Twitter and Facebook to peg a rising musical phenomenon as being poised for a breakthrough in the mainstream, or to assign them the title of “the next big thing.”  While Myspace and Youtube will occasionly lead you to a group that is indeed worthy of the “buzz band” tag, it also seems inevitable that … [Read more...]

Cake On Cake – Hymns I Remember

Do you like your sugar with a dash of coffee? Do you enjoy the way in which a little too much maple syrup totally saturates your stack of pancakes? Do you spend cold winter nights wrapped in lamb’s wool, dreaming of unicorns that would delicately prance on the fluffy snow outside your window? Are visions of sugar plums still dancing in your head … [Read more...]