Interview with Ben Goldberg of Ba Da Bing Records

The one constant in music – much like everything else in our lives – is change. And this change, how we maneuver around it, how we adapt to it and ultimately, how we modify our own characteristics to it, is key. So when music starts to change, whether it’s towards a leaning on the digital side of media, or on how a band reaches their maximum … [Read more...]

Ramona Falls – Intuit

Upon receipt of Intuit from Barsuk Records, I was immediately excited for the first listen.  I am a fan of Brent Knopt’s primary gig in the Portland trio Menomena and as the last of the three to take on a side project, I was immensely curious what his solo debut would sound like.  Upon first listen, the wide-ranging tracks begged for a more … [Read more...]