Hosannas – Then & Now & Then

Hosannas' evocative music is a mix of narcotized pseudo-folk and textural experimentalist that offers much melodic warmth, but conditionally. The condition is that you accept the stark environment in which these songs are set, and the sometimes forbidding noises that buzz under and lurk around each fragile guitar chord or skeletal piano … [Read more...]

Travels – Robber on the Run

The quiet sounds of the new Travels CD go against what you might expect from this duo, whose past endeavors include the bands Victory At Sea and Metal Hearts. Anar Badalov and Mona Elliott have taken their music into a very personal space. Even the minor-key melodies have a certain warmth to them. The line "You make me smile in my heart" (from … [Read more...]

Small Black – EP

Falling sonically somewhere between Rogue Wave and Clinic, Small Black's EP (simply called "EP") manages to breathe some life into the bedroom-Casio scene. The duo has picked up some positive press and has some international dates lined up, testifying to its uptick in popularity. Plus, the band is on the Jagjaguwar label, which doesn't hurt. It … [Read more...]