Interview with Haiku Salut

British instrumental band Haiku Salut formed in 2010 and is comprised of Sophie, Gemma, and Louise. The three bandmates released their first EP in 2011 and dropped their debut album Tricolore on the How Does It Feel To Be Loved? record label last year. Sophie, with input from Gemma and Louise, gives the scoop about their cheekily self-described … [Read more...]

The Age Of Not Believing – Lantern Waste EP

Named in reference to C S Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles, this somewhat mysterious new collective, marshalled by the wide-eyed Ben Eshmade, makes its debut release with a 5-track suite that gives an impressive insight into a refreshingly intimate yet epic musical world.  Delivered by an orchestra-sized cast, capable of both up-close serenity and … [Read more...]

Antony and the Johnsons – Cut the World

Perhaps for many of us, the opening introduction into Antony Hegarty’s passionate music was on the initial strands of life of “Hope There’s Someone.” Although he and his Johnsons had already developed a rich following with their self-titled effort, I Am A Bird Now flourished with emotionally-vested, brilliantly-composed forays into the human heart … [Read more...]

The Morning Clouds – Wasted Youth Blues EP

Josh Wambeke's brainchild is tasteful and skilled as hell, channeling influences from '50s/surf pop and shoegaze. The Morning Clouds love reverb--not in a blurry chillwave kind of way, but in order to achieve roomy, sonic openness. With an elegant mix of tremolo guitar, organ, reserved percussion, and airy vocals, it's hard to say The Morning … [Read more...]

The Ridges – s/t EP

Ohio's The Ridges are barely in their twenties, but they have an amazing command of a wide-array of instruments. From cello, to piano, to a glockenspiel, these kids can do it all. Their brooding folk music is both mature and fresh--not lazy or trite folk. Frontman Victor Rasgaitis croons melodically, while Talor Smith weaves her soft voice into a … [Read more...]

Brontosaurus – Beware

Beware is the debut LP from the band interestingly named after one of the biggest herbivores to ever exist; Brontosaurus.  Self-described as experimental pop; however, I stand in firm disagreement with them over that coinage. When I think of pop there is a sense of immediate accessibility and an air of tenuousness to the music. That is not to say … [Read more...]

Ensemble – Excerpts

On Björk’s 2004 album Medúlla, Ensemble’s Olivier Alary assisted in co-writing “Desired Collection” with the Icelandic singer. And while it’s Björk’s magnificent voice that sparkles over the corruptive synth-line that sounds like something off The Eraser, pleading, “How am I going to make it right?” the presence of Alary stands out on one of that … [Read more...]

Klima – Serenades & Serinettes

Having given herself over so selflessly as a spellbinding vocal conduit for the muse of Glen Johnson (through Piano Magic and connected side-projects), Angèle David-Guillou’s 2007 solo debut under her Klima pseudonym ultimately struggled to reach out as a truly standalone affair, despite its inherent allure and promising charms.  This long-gestated … [Read more...]

Ra Ra Riot – The Orchard

The world of Ra Ra Riot has changed drastically since the band’s formation back in 2006 on the campus of Syracuse University.  What began as nothing more than a series of house parties rapidly grew into something exponentially larger, as the band unsuspectingly found itself the holder of coveted slots at both CMJ and SXSW before 2007 had come to … [Read more...]

Revolver – Music for a While

Certified Gold in France, and already major players in their native country, the time couldn’t be more perfect for Revolver to jump overseas. Brimming with a sensible approach to pop music – understated, subtle and almost, dainty – the trio’s debut, Music for a While, conjures up many of the ghosts in pop’s infamous line-up. Whether they’re … [Read more...]