The Fun Years – God Was Like, No

Sarcasm isn't a quality often found in music that swells and drones, but The Fun Years find a place for it in their heady mix of treated guitar and oscillating filters. Straddling the genre line between ambient and noise, the duo of Ben Recht (baritone guitar) and Isaac Sparks (turntable) gives the merest suggestion of humor with its titles (God … [Read more...]

Short Takes on 4 Albums

Composer, producer, and Bedroom Community label head Valgeir Sigurðsson’s second proper release is a soundtrack for Draumalandið, a documentary focusing on the problems that come with being a natural resource rich country – namely corporate industrialization and loss of local control - and the attendant environmental and civic mismanagement that … [Read more...]

Animal Hospital – Memory

How would you approach the creation of a collection of songs named after memory, our central mental storage process which serves as the substance of our intelligence? Would the songs be representations of memories using familiar sounds, perhaps set in some sort of linear chronology? Would the music try to convey the mechanics of different types of … [Read more...]