Parquet Courts – “Sunbathing Animal”

For many, the late 1980’s were a renaissance for punk in America, and SST stood as not just a record label, but a stamp of approval. Greg Ginn used the label to foster the growth of some of punk rock’s forefathers – Black Flag, Husker Du, Meat Puppets, even Sonic Youth got their start on the raucous label. Unlike many other genres that saw their … [Read more...]

Kingsnake – Book of Promise

Popping Book of Promise into the CD player and being introduced to the band Kingsnake via the sounds of "Madame Greed" made me think to myself, "these guys get right down to business, don't they?" It delivers a solid opening for this Philadelphia based foursome's debut album. Vocally, Kingsnake makes me want to question whether it somehow … [Read more...]

The Hold Steady – “Hurricane J”

They’re slipping soft rock into the set list now. “Hurricane J,” the lead single from The Hold Steady's new album Heaven is Whenever -- set to be released May 4th -- finds the New York foursome abandoning their signature blend of smoky, Springsteen-esque bar-rock in favor of a more streamlined, poppy sound. Surprisingly, it works. Musically, … [Read more...]